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Over the past 40 years, the AroundCampus Group’s media portfolio has been a valuable advertising vehicle for local, regional, and national businesses to engage the campus community.  Over the next 40 years, the AroundCampus platform will continue to meet students where they are, when they are listening, to facilitate meaningful brand exposure and engagement.  

We are college-obsessedWe believe the college market:

  • cannot be ignored – investments made today pay dividends tomorrow.
  • is at a unique stage in life – independence abounds, decisions matter.
  • has a distinctive character from campus to campus.
  • is bombarded by misguided and misdirected marketing, and they know it.
  • is listening, if only you speak to them where they are, in their language.


To be the leading collegiate marketing and media company.


We deliver results through superior products and excellent customer service to our marketing partners and campus communities while providing growth opportunities to our team members.


Established in Chapel Hill, NC in 1974 as University Directories, LLC (UD), we’ve been working in the college market for 40 years. Over the past four decades, UD has expanded its presence to over 200 campuses, establishing itself as a leader in college marketing. In 2013, with a nod to our past and our eyes set toward the future, University Directories became the AroundCampus Group, LLC.

Today, the AroundCampus Group is one of the nation’s most established college media and marketing companies.

  • We are the industry-leading publisher of over 300 college and university AroundCampus™ daily planners, campus handbooks and directories, media guides, class schedules and much more.
  • We are the curator of the AroundCampus™ digital experience, an online and mobile hub for information and entertainment customized for each campus community.
  • We are the producers of unique Campus Marketing solutions for regional and national brands seeking feet-on-the-ground brand representation, engagement, and market research facilitated by our AroundCampus Ambassadors. 

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